Massage is a science based on the sense of touch. Different hands-on methods provide pain relief, enhance relaxation, and stimulate the body.  Your body for sure has a lot of demands especially if you are always tired, your body's immune system must be boost up, and one way for this to happen is by having a massage since it can promote general wellness and relaxation. A massage provides many benefits, including benefits to circulation, muscle tone, and digestion.


 There are also massage offers that can serve pregnant woman that can surely benefit both the mother and the baby.  Prenatal massage spa are now available in different parts of the city and pregnant women can always go to these massage spa parlors in order to relax since these prenatal massage spa parlors has almost the same benefits with  a regular massage spa parlors, however, they are only enhanced well in order to secure the safety of the pregnant woman and the baby.


 Have you ever wondered what are the benefits that a prenatal massage can offer?  A pregnant woman can surely get a lot of benefits from a prenatal massage spa that will surely affect the mother and the baby which includes Decreased body pain, especially in the back and legs, Relief of muscle cramps, Decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine, Increased levels of serotonin and dopamine, Decreased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, Relieved headaches, Increase in circulation, which can reduce swelling, Reduced stress on joints & Improvement in mood and a feeling of well-being.


When choosing a therapist at, make sure that he or she is experienced in pregnancy massage.  The mother and the baby's safety must be secured in order to not put them in any damage, thus, the therapy must have high knowledge about the anatomy of a pregnant woman since it will guide them in the proper positioning during the massage session.



What Are Some Prenatal Massage Techniques? Additional care is taken to ensure that an expectant mother is comfortable before and during her massage.  However, there are situations where sometimes, a pregnant woman may experience some pain or unusual symptoms, if this case happens, the pregnant woman should not hesitate to tell the massage therapist.  Strains should be prevented on the lower back and pelvis, thus, supportive cushions can be set up by a therapist.  You therapist will surely employ different massage techniques that will secure your safety since the massage therapist at, for sure, has already a lot of knowledge when it comes to pregnant women. Many therapists encourage expectant mothers to bring their partner or a friend with them to their massage. Safe techniques used by the prenatal massage therapist during the massage can be used later on at home, and those to avoid are also explained.